6 Powerful Methods To Remove Acne Scars From Face Naturally

A lot of acne scars victims tend to go for the wrong treatment choice, which ends up worsening the blemish on the skin. Some treatment options might be too mild for the skin and lead to other delicate skin reactions.
The best way to get rid of your acne scars is to apply the most natural remedies. That said, here are some powerful methods to eliminate acne scars from your face naturally.

1. Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil is extracted from the Melaleuca alternifolia plant, and it is known to contain natural antiseptic, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties. It also contains antiviral oil that helps to eliminate the acne scars.

How to use

Mix two to four drops of tea tree oil with two tablespoons of water. After that, use a cotton ball to apply the mixture on the affected area. Allow it to stay for about ten minutes then wash with warm water. You can do this two to three times in a day. Keep in mind that tea tree oil can be too harsh to your skin, so ensure that you dilute it with enough water.

2. Lemon Juice


Lemon is known to contain natural bleaching properties. It also contains Vitamin C that will rebuild the collagen in the skin. The lemon juice will work on your acne scars gradually until they are all eliminated.

How to use

Take one large fresh lemon and squeeze out the juice in a bowl. Use a cotton ball to dab the lemon juice on the acne scars. Allow it to stay for about ten minutes, and wash it off with warm water

3. Raw Tomatoes

Did you know that the tomatoes you use for cooking can be great for solving the acne scars on your face? Now you know. The tomato juice has properties that will get rid of the acne scars.

How to use

Take one ripe tomato and cut it into slices. Crush them to make a pulp, then apply it directly to the acne scars. You can alternatively place the slices over the scars and allow them to stay for around fifteen minutes. After that, wash it off with clean water.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a natural disinfectant and an astringent, which makes it a good antiseptic for skin related disorders. It is also known to balance the pH level of your skin and body when you apply it.

How to use

Measure three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with equal amount of water. Mix them together and use a cotton ball to dab on your acne scars. Let it stay for about 6 minutes then wash it off with clean water.

5. Honey

You can also use honey to get rid of the acne scars on your face. When using honey, you simply apply it to the acne scars and let it stay overnight. You can then wash it off in the morning. Alternatively, mix two tablespoons of honey with a quarter a cup of oatmeal, then apply the paste on your scars. Allow it to stay for 15 minutes then wash it off with lukewarm water.

6. Olive Oil

This is another powerful natural remedy for acne scars. It contains different vitamins, along with antioxidants and iron, which work together to get rid of the acne blemishes.

How to use

Take some amount of olive oil and massage for a few minutes directly on the affected area. After the oil is fully absorbed, drape a clean towel in warm water and place it over the affected area. Wipe off the excess oil and wash your face with clean water after two minutes.


When using these home remedies, ensure that you clean your face and dry it first so that they can work effectively. Also, apply them daily for the best results. Keep in mind that it is not advised to mix different remedies in a day because it could damage your skin.

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