Blackheads Around Lips

They might seem small, but these dark bumps forming on the skin can be uncomfortable and even painful to some point. Blackheads mostly on the face, which makes them impossible to ignore. In some cases, the blackheads tend to form around the lips.

Why do blackheads form on the lips?

Usually, a blackhead will develop as a result of a plugged hair follicle that opens up. Oil, dead skin cells and dirt will accumulate in the skin follicle opening.
This will then produce a bump that is known as a come dome. It will be called a whitehead if the skin bump doesn’t open up. However, when the pump is open, the content inside will be exposed to the air that makes them develop a black color.

Home remedies to solve blackheads around lips

There are plenty of household products and food supplies that have properties to solve different beauty disorders. Some might require daily use for ultimate results, while others will only need occasional application.
Either way, each remedy helps you solve a specific problem on your skin. That said, here are some of the home remedies to help you eliminate blackheads around your lips.

• Iodine and Epsom Salts

Take a teaspoon of Epsom salts and mix it with a quarter-cup of hot water in a bowl. After that, add about four drops of iodine and use a spoon to mix the ingredients.Let the mixture cool, then use a cotton ball to dip into the mixture and apply directly to the blackheads.
Allow it to stay on the skin for about 10 minutes then use a rag and warm water to wipe it out. Note that using iodine and Epsom salts on your blackheads might cause some irritation.

• Oatmeal and yogurt

You can use your favorite breakfast meal to create a remedy for blackheads on your lips. Here, take three tablespoons of yogurt and mix with two tablespoons of oatmeal in a bowl. You can then add a tablespoon of olive oil and lemon juice mix them together.
Use your fingers to spread the mixture over your blackheads then let it stay for about five minutes and rinse with cold water.

• Cornstarch and vinegar

With this remedy, you’ll need to measure some cornstarch in a bowl and add white vinegar to form a paste. Rub the paste over the blackheads and let it stay for around twenty minutes, then wash it out using a washcloth and warm water.

• Cucumber

This is a common vegetable that is used many times for beauty purposes. To use it, blend a whole cucumber in a blender until it turns into a paste. After that, apply the paste on the blackheads and wash it out after twenty-five minutes. You can also apply it on the entire face for extra benefits.


These are some of the inexpensive home remedies that can help you eliminate blackheads around lips. Luckily, they are all safe and don’t contain harmful side effects. Always ensure that you wash your hands with water and soap whenever you want to apply any home remedy to your face.
You might also want to try using a come dome blackhead extractor, which can be found at a beauty supply store or at your local pharmacy.

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