How To Cover Freckles With Makeup Naturally

Freckles on the face can be uncomfortable, and even embarrassing. You can eliminate the freckles in different ways. Unfortunately, natural remedies will not get rid of your freckles overnight. That is why you need to seek other options for eliminating the freckles temporarily.

One sure way of doing so is by applying the appropriate makeup. When you wear your makeup, you will have to be wise enough as to be sure of doing it with elegance and keep the freckles away. That said, here is how to cover freckles with makeup naturally.

• Choose the right foundation

The first step to take is to choose a light foundation to apply on your face. A light foundation should help to create a sheer veil over the skin, which then makes it easier to cover the freckles with the makeup.
Do not choose a thick foundation with too much opacity. Such foundations tend to make your freckles look muddy. A tinted moisturizer can also play the role.

• Amp the freckles with a brow pencil

A brow pencil will help to enhance the subtle depth of the freckles while maintaining your skin complexion. This can be great if your freckles are slightly fading away. Above all, it will help to maintain a single color/complexion once you apply your final makeup.

• Don’t forget to powder

If you use a concealer to cover the target areas, you will need to use a translucent powder to help limit excess shining of the face. To apply it perfectly, start by dusting a small amount of the powder on your forehead, move down to the nose, and leave a slight glow around the cheek bones. You can then use your ring finger to spread the powder, which helps to eliminate any crease on your eyelid.

• Bronze with a fluffy brush

Bronzing will be applied perfectly if you use a big fluffy brush. The fluffy haired brush will help to sweep the color gently across the face. Ideally, start by applying the areas that are more exposed to the sun, like the bridge of the nose, cheekbones, dab on the chin, and the temples.

• Contour, but don’t exaggerate

A contouring powder will define your face while keeping it subtle. The areas of focus when contouring is the jawline and the cheekbones. The contouring powder should be limited to avoid masking the freckles. For that, you should put a small amount of the powder on the brush and apply it gently on the face.

• Don’t forget the lips

Suppose you have some freckles on the lip line, use a nude lip liner to join them, and make your lips look fuller. After applying the liner, you can then use your ring finger or a cotton bud to soften it and give your lips an elegant finish.

Before you apply your lipstick, ensure that you cover the entire lips with the liner to prevent any possible causes of the freckles from the lipstick.


This is how to cover freckles with makeup naturally. However, you should avoid applying too much foundation or going for those with excess opacity. Also, make sure you choose a makeup with the right ingredients to avoid further spread of the freckles on your skin. You can talk to an expert to help you find the right makeup for freckles.

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