how to stop blackheads from coming back

Blackheads are mainly blemishes that appear on any part of the skin, mostly they are found on the face.
These blemishes are caused by excess oil, dead skin cells, clogged pores, and bacteria.
Although blackheads is treatable, the best thing to do is try and avoid complicated treatments

1. Try to avoid the usage of creamy cosmetics and oils that will increase the chances of blackheads to form.

2. Steam your face at least once a week. Pour hot water into a basin and place your face in a position that will ensure the water vapor touches the skin.
For maximum heat, cover your head with a towel. Use a mixture of honey and sugar for facial scrubbing. The method is effective and will ensure skin softening and blackheads removal.

3. Exfoliation helps in elimination of dead skin cells. Helps in getting rid of dead cell pile up on the skin pore.

4. Those who have oily skin, try to form mask out of clay soil so as to reduce the oil in the skin. This mask should not contain mint, peppermint or irritating ingredients. Just use the materials that do not contain any added fragrance.

5. Create an exterminator blackhead mask by using a mixture of lime juice, glycerin, and almond oil. Apply on your face for like 10-15 minutes. This will help in reducing blackheads and getting rid of black spots and scars on the face.

6. Ensure your face is moistened with a warm cloth pressed for 10-15 minute every night. In these case, it lifts the dead cells, dirt and other particles that clog the skin pores.
After usage, boil the cloth in boiling water to kill bacteria and germs.

7. Warm some honey and apply on the face with blackheads. After 10 minutes wash your face. Honey acts as a facial moisturizer and removing blackheads.

The method above will certainly give satisfactory results when done consistently. It’s not advisable to squeeze and remove blackhead with nails, you will injure your skin and allow germs and bacteria to through the injured skin. Just use an effective way for a better outcome.

Additionally, for women who use makeup every day. Dermatologists advice is to wash their face gently with soap. If blackheads still appear when you follow these practices, hope is still there.
Read and learn more on how to eliminate blackheads for more information.

In conclusion, if you’ve decided to do cosmetics for removal of blackhead, just seek medical advice to know the state of your skin. It’s important to keep your skin clean and safe from any dirt.

Some of the examples of similar products or cosmetics that will contribute to the occurrence of blackheads include sunscreen, foundation, pressed powder, cleansing milk, ginseng shampoo, and conditioner.
They contain comedogenic that causes blackheads and acne.

The food we eat can also cause blackheads, avoid eating foods like durian, milk chocolate, peanuts, mangos, shellfish, eggs, nuts, cheese, coconut milk, fatty meats.
The best thing to do is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, by eating a balanced diet, get good sleep, rest and avoid stress.

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