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Why Some Acne Treatments Don’t Work

Having acne can be stressful and embarrassing at some point. In general, acne marks are formed as a result of oil, dirt, or bacteria accumulation.
Fortunately, there are specific treatments developed to help dry, shrink, or calm the acne inflammation on your skin. Nonetheless, these might fail to work on the blemishes as you expect. To help you understand better, here is why some acne treatments don’t work;

1. You are not applying enough treatment

First off, you should know that there are different types of acne scars and marks. Some acne marks will be too delicate and will require a generous amount of the treatment product. The problem here is that some people will apply too little treatment cream, which will have no effect to the blemish. Ideally, use your fingertips to spread the product directly to the acne for perfect results.

2. You apply on dirty skin

Another major reason why some acne treatments don’t work is that you apply them on dirty skin. The treatment will get through the pores with ease when the skin is clean enough. Conversely, dirty skin can weaken the effectiveness of the product on the acne. Some products will even worsen the existing acne if the skin is dirty. Before you apply any acne treatment on your facial skin, ensure that your skin is clean and dry.

3. Using treatment without moisturizer

Many people misconceive that using a moisturizer on your facial skin will make it extra oily. Conversely, moisturizer helps to restore the natural oiliness of your skin. The oil on your skin will then prevent the common breakouts that lead to acne marks and scars.

Always ensure that you use an organic moisturizer on your skin, and spread it evenly on the acne spots. This should be done after washing your face, and before you apply any makeup. It will prevent your skin from the bacteria and toxins that trigger the development of acne marks and scars.

4. The skin pores are clogged

If you are applying the acne treatments and they don’t work at all, it might be because the pores are clogged. Since the pores will be clogged, it will mean that the treatment will be blocked from getting through your skin. One way of ensuring your skin pores are open when using the treatment is to use an exfoliator once or twice every week. This will help to deep clean the pores as it eliminates the dead cells.

5. You are not taking good care of your skin

You could be applying the treatment day after day, but you still use toxic facial products or eat foods with limited nutrients. Living a healthy life helps to keep your skin healthy enough and trigger the healing process of the acne as you use the treatment. It has been proven that when the stress level is high, the acne healing process will be reduced. Stay happy, eat well, and exercise a lot to boost the health of your skin.


Other than the above-named reasons, you could also be using the wrong treatment. Since acne marks and scars are different, it also means that the treatment approach will be different. Ensure that you inquire about the treatment before you start using it on your skin.

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